Barrington Children's Choir Staff
and Board of Directors


Tom Vendafreddo (email Tom):  Artistic Director, Chamber Choir Director, and Aca Bellas Choir Director

Joyce Haqq (email Joyce):  Prelude Choir Director

Becky Brichta (email Becky):  Operations Manager 

BCC Box Office (email BCC Box Office):  If you have questions about tickets you purchased for a Barrington Children's Choir performance, or if you are having trouble purchasing tickets, please email us.

Board of Directors

Mike Lynch (email Mike):  President   

Christina Roemer-Goldstein (email Christina):  Secretary 

Mike Szarek (email Mike):  Treasurer  

Kathy Czink (email Kathy):  Director of Volunteer Management 

Kelly Haradon (email Kelly):  Concert Manager

Kathy Brodin (email Kathy): VP of Financial Development 

Karen Moe (email Karen):  Tour Manager

Hallie Wright (email Hallie):  Director of Marketing

Dave McKellin (email Dave):  Past President

The BCC Leadership team, Board & Committees are in constant need of caring volunteers to keep our organization strong and vibrant. Parents, grandparents, alumni and friends: we seek your time and talent! Your commitment can be tailored to your time available.  

Please contact us about joining our team by sending an email to our volunteer coordinator at